Daddy Fail: When Potty Training and Public Restrooms Collide
My 3-year-old son has been a champ using his potty lately at home and at daycare and I didn't want to break the momentum yesterday, but  when I took him to a basketball game at the Times Union Center all hell broke loose.  When he told me he needed to go pee, I proudly took into one o…
Advice For Single Parents: ‘The Little Things’
The little guy is in town, I'm tired, he's up for whatever, and sometimes, I find that hard to believe. But see, I've taken a little time to really see the little things, and man, I get why he's just happy to do whatever.
Advice For Parents
Worse than the grocery store, toy store and all things shopping is taking your kid on your car buying adventures. Without a doubt, for a kid and sometimes adults, car shopping is the worst. The absolute worst!
Advice For Single Parents: Summer Visit
So, the little guy will be here in a few days. Yeah, he's staying for the summer and I'm pretty stoked, yet really nervous. And it's not like this is new, he was up last summer. The reason for my nerves?

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