Giants, Patriots Super Bowl Rematch Sunday
The 2007 Super Bowl has been called one of the best Super Bowls, if not the best Super Bowl of all time.  The Giants ruined the Pats dreams of an undefeated season with a huge underdog victory.  This Sunday, it's a rematch between the two.
Mrozek’s Super Bowl Prediction On NBC Tonight
Yes, I know the Packers will make every attempt to defend their title. Yes, I know the Philadelphia Eagles have already been dubbed as the ‘Dream team’. But I really like what I saw with Jason Garrett as head coach last year.
Super Bowl XLVI Odds [VIDEO]
Now that the NFL is in full swing and the regular season right around the corner, ol' Monte took at look at this year's odds for each team to win Super Bowl XLVI.  After all of the off-season moves that teams like the Patriots and Eagles have made, seeing them at the top is no surprise, however, the…
NFL Playoffs Round 2 Predictions
This weekend is the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and man are there some great match ups, particularly in the AFC.  Don't knock the NFC just yet, I am willing to bet those games will be exciting in their own way.
Battle For MVP
Right now in the NFL it looks like a two horse race for MVP this year between New England's Tom Brady and Philadelphia's Michael Vick.