Nurse Surrenders License For Pics Of Guy’s Junk (Video)
A Syracuse, NY nurse accused of photographing a unconscious patient's penis has surrendered her license after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of sharing unlawful surveillance photos.
It does not help that her last name is Johnson.
Kristen Johnson has lost her nursing license and will spend thr…
Gay People Touch Things For The First Time (VIDEO)
Lesbians touch male genitalia for the first time, and two gay guys touch female breasts for the first time, and it is not pornographic, or inappropriate, because the key word is: Consent.
Is it a hate crime, if I want to punch one of the gay guys...
Small Friend? Win an iPhone!
We know not all junk is created equally, but we have our fellow lady friends to thank for creating a “good” and “bad” standard-- the big italian sausage versus the cocktail weenie. It’s tough enough being a guy, and having subpa…
China Man’s Penis Stolen In His Sleep
Yes, this is a true story! A 41-year-old man living in China actually got his penis chopped off by jealous thieves and was left for dead, all while he was sleeping. What a way to wake up! Hey, it's a long term solution to that annoying morning wood!

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