polar vortex

Bed Bugs, Stink Bugs, Which Bugs Survived the Polar Vortex
That whole Polar Vortex thing wasn't too much fun to deal with.  Even though it's not surprising to have cold temperatures during the winter in New York.  However, it looks like some bugs survived, and some may have not made the cut. Oddly enough, I read a list on PestWorld about bugs and the Polar Vortex...
Porn Viewership Went Up Thanks To Polar Vortex
It's one of those 'goes without saying' type of things: When it's extremely cold outside or a major snow story happens, people tend to get a bit frisky. Now we have proof thanks to porn website Porn Hub, as viewership went up dramatically in states that experienced the Polar Vortex.
Subzero Pee In Minnesota NSFW [VIDEO]
After someone shows you how to throw boiling water into the freezing air there is only one logical thing to do next. Clearly, the next step is exactly what these young bros have done and that’s take an icy cold pee icicle on your parents front lawn.