A Gross Mystery: Someone Is Dropping Bags Of Poop On Oregon Freeways
Since 2018, someone has been leaving bags of human feces on freeways and roads in Oregon counties without being caught. Local police are asking people to keep an eye out for anyone or any vehicles acting suspicious. Oregon Live reports that this is being taken so seriously, that there is a staff member, Code Enforcement Officer Dave Thomson, working nights now for the sole purpose of trying to cat
Ice Cream Is Made From Unicorn Poop?
Holy crap!!! (pun intended) It seems that one of the most basic, everyday functions we ALL do ( Yes, I mean you ladies), is being done completely wrong!! Unless you've been pooping on a staircase your whole life, your not doing it right according to the manufactures of this product...
Poop for Dessert?!?
A pop-up café in Hong Kong has created a menu themed around Gudetama, the “Lazy Egg” character from Sanrio, the company that makes Hello Kitty and all those other characters that were pretty popular in the '90s. But its their Dim Dum dish that’s got people talking.
Man Poops On Floor (Video)
This man could not leave his machine while gambling at a slot machine arcade, so he poops in the corner then goes back to playing the slot machine, he may not of had any toilet paper, but he did have a hot hand.
Airplane Poops On Sweet 16 Party (Video)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the guys talked about the perfect Sweet 16 party, that got pooped on by a airplane flying over the party, and I can not help but wonder what song was playing when it happened.

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