Over $100 Million Going to Fix New York Roads
A big chunk of change is going to be spent on New York roads.
$128 million to be more specific. Governor Cuomo announced the funding to help resurface New York roads, according to cbs 6 albany.  To me, this is definitely something that’s needed...
Captain Obvious
Albany area roadways have taken a beating this winter and so have our cars. Mother Nature hates us, I'm telling you! It seems like there are massive potholes on every single road. They are everywhere and they are huge.
Local Potholes Getting Temporary Fix For Winter Months
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Driving around the Capital Region has been a bit tougher in the last couple of days. Thanks the weather warming up, then getting extremely cold again in a short amount of time the roadways are starting to break apart causing massive potholes.
As much …
Washington Avenue Ext. Potholes May Swallow Your Car
As I was heading into work today, I had to make a pit stop at Walmart on Washington Avenue Ext. I guess Styles just had to have his 'hand cream' for his 'dry hands' delivered to him at work.  Why he wouldn't go home and enjoy a 'relaxing' lunch break baffles m…