A Bold Prediction for 2017
Who would've thought that 2016 would end up being one of the worst years in recent memory, with all of the unfortunate celebrity deaths and terrible events that took place over the course of 12 months?
2015 Was A Major Disappointment (VIDEO)
No flying cars, or Black & Decker Hydrator, Lawyers have not been abolished, there has not been a new "Jaws" movie since 1987, the Cubs did not win the World Series, and the Hoverboard is a lie!
Don't believe me?
Just ask Mike Tyson.
Skyrim Predicts Super Bowl Champion
If you are putting money on the game, than you are always looking for a reliable source to give you a prediction of the outcome.  Madden did a test in which the Giants won, so now Skyrim as decided to do their own test to see who comes out the winner between the Giants and Patriots.