public sex

Perve to Cops “I’m Almost Done”
Take a multi-time registered sex offender, put him in a stair case, and let the good times roll. Well, the cops tried to stop him but he replied with "I'm almost done". Yeah, that didn't sit well.
Sexy Time Delays Train in Sweden
Delays happen for many reasons when it comes to mass transit. Sex is usually not one of them. A couples "love spot" ended up not being the best place to get it on and were spotted by a train's conductor which forced the train to stop.
Elderly Couple Arrested for Performing Oral in Public
Those crazy kids! He's 76, She's 64 and after a night of drinking they went to a park to play with each other. They weren't exactly going to the park to play tag, they went there to perform oral sex. The only problem is they were caught by police and arrested on indecency charges.