Warren County Has $1Million Scratch-Off Winner
There have been many Capital Region New York State Lottery winners recently. It seems most of them have been Take5 winners, but this time there is a new millionaire in Warren County from a scratch-off ticket well sort of.
Queensbury Outback Out-Family Restaurant Moving in
When chain restaurants close it seems that they stay vacant forever. It's nice to know that in Queensbury the old Outback Steakhouse is being taken over by a local business and restaurant owner who will bring in a family restaurant.
Great Escape and NY Amusement Parks Get OK to Reopen
I am getting a severe case of cabin fever and I know I'm not alone. But we got some good news about amusement parks and summer camps reopening soon in New York state. Finally, we heard from Governor Cuomo who is slowly allowing more things to open.
Another Capital Region Department Store Closing
Say goodbye to yet another department store in the Capital Region.  According to News Channel 13, The Bon-Ton Stores are not just shutting a few stores, but going out of business completely.  A liquidation firm won a bid for the company at auction, and the 160-year old business is com…

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