road rage

How To Deal With Road Rage (Video)
I hope that you are all having a safe commute this Thursday morning, I hope you are keeping your road rage in check. If you feel that you're going to lose it, take some friendly advice, from our friendly neighbors the Canadians.
Instant Karma
We've all been stuck behind someone who drives slow in the left lane. And yes, it's very frustrating. Maybe you've even flipped them off when you finally passed them. Probably felt pretty good, didn't it? Well, that good feeling was short lived for at least one road-raged driver.
Off Duty Detective Accused Of Pulling A Gun In Road Rage Fit
Detective John Hotaling has been suspended with out pay pending in investigation. Hotaling allegedly became frustrated when following the Arnows a father and son combo. The teenage Arnow only has his drivers permit and was driving with his father in what we assume could have been a driving lesson ...