More Shootings During a Week of Chaos in Capital Region Town
One Capital Region town has just had a week of what seems like relentless violence.  Now, two teens have been shot, continuing that streak of violence.
The most recent shootings of two teenagers, reported by the Times Union, adds to the list of crime in an area that has already de…
Residents are Being Distracted, then Robbed in Capital Region
Areas of the Capital Region have been hit with distraction robberies.
It looks like Colonie has been the most recent area dealing with these, according to News 10 abc.  There's been three attempted in Colonie, and two of the victims turned the thieves away at the door...
Another Capital Region Gun Store Burglarized
As reported by the Times Union, a gun store on Central Avenue in Albany was burglarized in the early morning hours today.  NY Shooter Supply at 1593 Central Avenue was robbed early in the morning, with police being alerted via an alarm at 1:30 AM, and as reported five Glock handguns were s…
Vape Store
Ok, things related to vaping are expensive. Sure. Don't impersonate a cop and rob a place to get what you need to feed your nicotine addiction.

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