robert kraft

Are the Buffalo Bills are Saving New York Football?
Records are one thing but how could Buffalo being saving New York football? Well, new fans would be a start. New NFL fans are often attracted to winning teams. Some fans of perpetually losing franchises, like the New York Jets, switch their allegiances to teams that actually make the playoffs or win a Super Bowl every 3 or 4 decades or so. Ask Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, how many of his current fanbase used to root for another NFL team prior to the Pats amazing Super Bowl run of 6 NFL championships?
The Russian President Stole My Superbowl Ring
Back in 2005 Robert Kraft decided to show the Russian President, Putin one of his Superbowl rings. Kraft never held the ring again. After getting a phone call from the white house asking Kraft to consider the ring a gift to the Russian leader...