Seamus McQ

A Pot O’Gold Celebration at Katie O’Byrnes [Photo Gallery]
Congratulations to our winner Michael again who found Seamus McQ's Pot O'Gold on Friday and won a TON of free tickets.  It was a great day celebrating at Katie O'Byrnes, and we want to thank everyone who participated in the contest.  Check out our photos from the day at Kati…
Seamus McQ’s Pot O’ Gold Has Been Found!
Seamus McQ's Pot O' Gold has been found!  Congratulations to Michael, the lucky winner who was able to figure out our video clues to find the Pot O'Gold.  Hidden outside of the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady , the Pot O' Gold contained pairs of tickets for:

Def Leppard and Journey at…
Hank Hill or Seamus McQ?! Watch our Video Blooper
Rock Girl Tatiana and Seamus McQ had a great time with their on-screen adventures, and while they may have held it together (just) enough to make it through filming clues, they definitely made their share of bloopers.  Rock Girl Tatiana may have laughed a little bit too much filming the video c…
Q103 Photo Gallery: St. Paddy’s Day at Katie O’Byrne’s
It was a great St. Paddy's Day at Katie O'Byrne's! The Q Crew was so excited to be on location and get to celebrate with everyone.  And of course, Seamus McQ's Pot O'Gold was found!  A huge thanks to Katie O'Byrne's for letting us rock, to everyone who participated in the search, and a huge shout ou…
Pot o' Gold Clue #3
Seamus McQ and Tatiana are working together to remember where the Pot o' Gold could be. They have another clue!
Pot o' Gold Clue #2
Rock Girl Tatiana uncovered another piece of the puzzle! Listen to her clue to narrow your search for McQ's Pot o' Gold.
Pot o' Gold Clue #1
Seamus McQ is starting to get his memory back and he has a clue about where you can find his Pot o' Gold.
Pot o' Gold
It's St. Patrick's Day, Seamus McQ's favorite day of the year. He and Rock Girl Tatiana were getting ready to celebrate when tragedy struck! Seamus McQ's Pot o' Gold has vanished from Q103's studios.