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In 370 Days The Detroit Lions Will Win The Super Bowl
I called the play that cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl. I am a solider from the future, I was sent back in time from the year 2016. February 8th 2016. The Detroit Lions have just won the Super Bowl and in the 2015 - 2016 NFL season, the New England Patriots were suspended from the league for cheati…
Those Lovable Characters The Seattle Seahawks
Meanwhile at the Hall of Boom! The Seattle Seahawks hatch their evil plot to steal the spot light at Super Bowl XLIX. The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is live from Phoenix Arizona, making you laugh, just like Marshawn Lynch. With his amazing press conferences.
Drama, The 12th Man And The Cheaters
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they were talking about all the drama from the NFL's Championship weekend. The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rogers fell short, as the Seattle Seahawks pulled off an epic comeback during the last 5 minutes of the NFC Championship game. The New England Patr…
Who Is Going To The Big Game?
Championship weekend is upon us, Colts vs Patriots for the AFC Championship and Packers vs Seahawks for the NFC Championship. Even if your not a football fan you can make a prediction, because it's fun and more important it is all American.
Super Bowl Drinking Game
The biggest football game of the year is this Sunday and while some will enjoy just watching the game; others need to spice it up a bit. That's where we come in with a great Super Drinking Game.
How To Win Your Office Super Bowl Grid
As much of a tradition as the Super Bowl is, there is also the tradition of the Super Bowl Office Pool.
Throw down a few dollars and get assigned your respective squares. When each quarter ends, someone is walking away with some cash. It all depends on where you end up in the gird or what score you g…
Seahawks' Michael Bowie Prefers Boxers, Taylor Swift
Everyone has a preference.
Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Michael Bowie let his be known during an intense game of "Either Or" at Super Bowl media day Tuesday. The Seahawks and Broncos took over the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey to answer questions -- mostly about the S…

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