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Vaccine Available for Kids by Thanksgiving-But Maybe Not for My Son
COVID-19 is no joke. Both my fiancee and I had it and we are both completely vaccinated. I am disappointed that COVID and the vaccine have become a political statement and not a plight to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Now there is a vaccine that should be available for children ages 5 to 11 by Thanksgiving. Both Ryan's mom and I aren't 100% sure about it just yet.
Box Office Report
Is Melissa McCarthy a movie star yet? The opening weekend of 'Identity Thief' suggests that yes, she is. After all, all of those people weren't flocking to this movie because of Jason Bateman (as delightful as he is). Anyway, all of this pretty much means that McCarthy's asking price just doubled.
Long-Term Side Effects Of Drinking Soda Daily
I stopped drinking soda in high school for many reasons: it's loaded with sugar, has absolutely no nutritious value, doesn't quench your thirst and really isn't even that good. I replaced the soda with more water, unsweetened ice tea and other low-sugar and lite teas and fruit drinks. In the long-run these are a lot better for me, and won't put me at risk like sugary sodas will. Read on to hear wh