Queens Of The Stone Age And Filter Release New Songs
This is a big week for new music. Yesterday, Apocalyptica debuted a brand new tune with accompanying music video and today both Queens of the Stone Age and Filter have released new songs that are available for streaming. Oddly enough, the new albums will be the sixth for both bands and both will be …
Device & Sevendust
Picture a circle diagram where the two intersect in the middle and have a handful of similarities. This is what we have here and it pertains to music. On one side we have Sevendust and the other, Device. These two bands have almost nothing in common but that middle portion- they each have new songs …
Top 5 Godsmack Singles – Dru’s Picks
I could have gone with top 5 albums or videos, but I went with singles in the hopes that Sully will take an interest in little ole Dru and indulge my need to hear these live when they come to town for Q-Ruption next week.  Let us begin.