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Lake George Great Escape is Now Open!
This weekend, the Lake George Great Escape opened for 2019!  Don't go rushing up because It's not fully open for the season yet, but the fun has started and get excited-  because, really, isn't Great Escape's opening in general one of those local markers that summer is …
When Did Matt Lauer Transform Into The Six Flags Guy?
So this morning I was at the gym pumping plates with the intentions to eat T-bone steaks later when I saw the Today show on one of the television. I remember growing up in my parent’s house and my parents just swooning uncontrollably for Matt Lauer ever morning before school...
Hoffman's Playland
Earlier this week, we reported that the owners of Six Flags Great Escape might be interested in purchasing Hoffman's Playland - thus saving the historic landmark. We have now learned that is not the case afterall.

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