Jake & Louie’s Job Interview [VIDEO]
Last week Jake and Louie came to Townsquare Media for a interview with me. After learning that Jake and Louie had never been to a radio station before, I decided to give them a tour of the building.
This One Is For The Yogis (Video)
Last week I posted a blog about San Diego residents angry about yoga lessons taking place in a public park, and that upsets me because I like yoga pants. So I made this video to support the Yogis in San Diego, this one is for the Yogis.
Hello I Am Dan America And I Make Lists
On Free Beer & Hot Wings they read lists, they comment on lists they read that other people wrote. I am Dan America and I make lists, here is a video of mine that is safe for work, about why I make lists. You're Welcome.
Mike Tyson’s Oscar Predictions [Video]
Funny or die has something special on their hands - they sat Leonard Maltin down with Mike Tyson to discuss who and what Tyson thinks will win. As expected Tyson mumbles and stumbles through his predictions while skipping down the path of oblivion. Some of the language is NSFW.