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Watching Porn on Smartphone – Not Smart
While you are sitting locked in your office, cubical, or maybe even the bathroom during your lunch break today - Do Not Watch Porn on Your Smartphone! This isn't based on a moral stance but actually that it is bad for your phone as a whole.
T-Mobile USA Gets The iPhone in 2013 – Tech Thursday
It's been 5 years since the iPhone launched on AT&T in the U.S. Then came Verizon in 2010, and Sprint soon after that. Now, it's time to T-Mobile to get the chance to offer it. A T-mobile spokesperson made the announcement about a week ago, but it hasn't seem to generate the buzz it has for other carriers.
Microsoft is Launching It’s Own Smartphone – Tech Thursday
Apple, then Google and now Microsoft. Another smartphone is rumored to be available soon, and Microsoft will try and grab a bigger slice of the mobile pie, compared to how much it has now with it's Windows 8 phones. Honestly, I have yet to even see a Windows 8 phone in the silicon flesh as it were.
Verizon’s New Data Bucket May Have a Hole In It – Tech Thursday
As I had posted previously, Verizon had announced they would be killing unlimited data plans for smart phones and devices, and switch to a "shared" data plan model. You can find my video about using WiFI to help save on data plan costs in an earlier Tech Thursday. Well, the axe is falling, and "bucket" data plans will end up costing Verizon customers more, of which I am one.  R
Verizon Unlimited Data Plans Are Being Killed – Tech Thursday
Your Verizon unlimited data plan for your smart phone, will soon be going away, forever. The company has announced that if you have an unlimited data plan "grandfathered in" from when they still offered unlimited data for their smart phones, at the end of your current contract, it's gone. Instead you'll be offered a shared data plan as you migrate from 3G to the new 4G LTE data network.
Tech Tuesday – Square Your Yourself Up
Lets say you're friend owes you $20, and you need the money. You meet up with him and ask if he has the $20 he owes you. He says he has it in his account but not in cash and needs to go to an ATM. But wait! You pull out your iPhone of Android phone, and connect your Square and can swipe his Credit or Debit card!
Verizon Officially Gets iPhone
Everyone has been waiting to hear the secret that everyone already knows - the iPhone is coming to Verizon. I have an iPad and love it so I'm not sure if I would need an iPhone.