Watching Porn on Smartphone – Not Smart
While you are sitting locked in your office, cubical, or maybe even the bathroom during your lunch break today - Do Not Watch Porn on Your Smartphone!
This isn't based on a moral stance but actually that it is bad for your phone as a whole.
Smartphone Airbag – Oh, It’s Real.
If you are human, then I'm sure you have dropped your phone a time or two - on the pavement, kitchen floor, maybe even in the toilet during a drunken binge. In any case, most times the phone is broken after the drop or the screen is severely cracked (I-Phone users know this best). What if there was …
Is That Text Message From a Hacker? – Tech Tuesday
It was revealed last week that there is an inherent security flaw in the way a SMS message, more commonly known as a text message, can be sent with a reply to address different from the address that sent it and you wouldn't see it, thus sending a reply to someone entirely different from whom it appe…
1 In 5 Americans Are Using Smartphones to Sext
Do you own a smart phone?  Chances are you have used it to sext, send explicit photos or have sexual text conversations on it.  That's nothing out of the ordinary but according to a new survey over 40 percent of Americans that have used Smartphones to sext are older than age 55!
Tech Thursday – Research in Motion Reveals New Blackberry OS
Still recovering from a crash of it's messaging servers I talked about last week, Blackberry owner Research in Motion, has revealed some details of it's new operating system for it's Playbook tablet and future Blackberry smart phones, that they say bridges the gap between Blackberry OS, at it's deve…
Tech Thursday – Can an App Fix Parking Problems?
While I was in Troy recently, I drove around the block where a store I go to was located, about 5 times looking and hoping for someone to pull out and leave an opening I could get into. If I had this app before I got to the street the store I visit was on, I could have known where to park before I g…