Now That Smoking Pot is Legal in NY-Where Can You Toke?
You may think that because marijuana is legal in New York state there are plenty of places you can light one up. That is not necessarily the case. Where you can and cannot smoke are pretty lopsided so don't expect to see a lot of people smoking marijuana around you.
Time Off To People Who Don't Smoke
Now, mind you this is a Japanese company doing this but the thought is something many have been thinking of for ages. Should this be brought to the Capital Region?
This Common Thing Just Got Banned in Areas of New York State!
There's a new ban in areas of New York State!...Public indoor areas that is.  As reported by the New York Times, Governor Cuomo just gave his approval on Monday to ban electronic cigarettes in any area where cigarettes are banned.  That's right, anywhere cigarettes are prohibited, so is vaping...
How Healthy Are We?
The County Health Ranking website recently released their list of the healthiest to least counties in the state of New York. How did the Capital Region fare?

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