snow storm

The Night I Was Stranded At An Aerosmith Concert
38 years ago tonight a snow storm hit the northeast stranding hundreds at an Aerosmith concert and I was one of them! The storm whacked the area with 21 inches of snow, which doesn't sound overwhelming but the thing is, nobody expected the snow storm, let alone the blizzard it became.
Free Advice Friday
The capital Region got some snow this week ... so on this weeks Free Advice Friday we thought we would throw out some advice on how to have a little fun in the middle of a snow storm.
Remember It Could Be Worse (VIDEO)
Snow is finally falling in the Capital Region and it is making people miserable. It would not be the 518 if we were not cold and miserable during January, February and most of March, but remember it could be worse.
I remember the snowstorm of 1988...

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