Wal-Mart Loves University At Albany
This is bold move by Wal-Mart. On one hand they have a lovely display that shows pride for U-Albany. But on the other hand anyone who goes to U-Albany cannot buy this soda in fear of messing up the display.
Lent Is Here, What Are You Giving Up?
I by no means consider myself to be a "religious" person, but I do still observe certain things from my Catholic upbringing.  Today is Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent, and I am saying goodbye to soda until Easter.
Long-Term Side Effects Of Drinking Soda Daily
I stopped drinking soda in high school for many reasons: it's loaded with sugar, has absolutely no nutritious value, doesn't quench your thirst and really isn't even that good. I replaced the soda with more water, unsweetened ice tea and other low-sugar and lite teas and fruit drinks. In the long-ru…

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