Being Shot By an AK-47 Behind Bullet Proof Glass [VIDEO]
Here is that video you asked for of a dude sitting in a bullet proof armored SUV while some guy with an AK-47 blast away at him. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone sit completely calm as bullets from an assault rifle come within inches of his face, well here is your chance...
Funerals in Outer Space
Did your recently deceased loved one always want to see the world but never had the chance to? Well now there is a way from them to do just that and possibly encounter an Ewok or Wookie.
Politician Offers Free Shotgun In Campaign [VIDEO]
This is the most brilliant way to get a vote since that time Lisa Delvico offered everyone in my school a free can of Surge if they voted her for student council. Steve French is a candidate for Alabama Legislature, and believes he found a clever way to attract people to his campaign.
School Closes For Good Weather
Have you ever been in class on a beautiful day only to find yourself spending less time paying attention to the teacher and more time staring out the window, daydreaming about the beach? Well one school in Georgia has the right idea about how to treat beautiful days...
Man Eats Cocaine From Brother’s Butt And Dies
I like to believe there are stupid people everywhere. However, it seems as if the south just has more then most places. I have two brothers and there are a lot of things I would do for either of them in a heart beat. But, what this guy did for his brother to try and help him from getting in trouble …

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