st paddys day

A Pot O’Gold Celebration at Katie O’Byrnes [Photo Gallery]
Congratulations to our winner Michael again who found Seamus McQ's Pot O'Gold on Friday and won a TON of free tickets.  It was a great day celebrating at Katie O'Byrnes, and we want to thank everyone who participated in the contest.  Check out our photos from the day at Kati…
Pot o' Gold Clue #3
Seamus McQ and Tatiana are working together to remember where the Pot o' Gold could be. They have another clue!
Pot o' Gold Clue #2
Rock Girl Tatiana uncovered another piece of the puzzle! Listen to her clue to narrow your search for McQ's Pot o' Gold.
Pot o' Gold Clue #1
Seamus McQ is starting to get his memory back and he has a clue about where you can find his Pot o' Gold.
Your Friendly Reminder
Tomorrow is St. Paddy's Day. I know it's Paddy and not Patty because I blog about this every year. I also remind the Capital Region of the "4 I's of drinking."