$66 Pizza
Pizza chains are officially out of control. They're constantly cranking out weird food inventions like crust stuffed with hot dogs and the heart attack-inducing Cone Crust Pizza. It's like they need to up the ante in the game of tomato pies.
March 14th is Steak and BJ Day!
Guys, today we celebrate two of our favorite things;  Steak and Blowjobs. March 14th has been declared Steak and BJ Day. After work stop by your local butcher, grab the biggest Fred Flintstone Brontosaurus steak you can find, head home fire up the grill and then give your significant other a …
BJ’s Favorite Things To BBQ
It's Memorial Day weekend which means most of you are planning some sort of backyard BBQ.  There are always so many option on what to grill up that it can be a tough decision.  Here are a few of my favorite things to grill up on a summer day to help your decision making a little easie…

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