Stealing Christmas
On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they had a segment about the most shoplifted Christmas item, it was Baby Jesus, with that in mind: Would you steal a something and give it away as a Christmas gift? Would you accept a stolen Christmas gift?
What Street Sign Have you Stolen? (Video)
I have never stolen anything because I'm an American who tries to lead by example, but it does not work. People steal street signs all the time, I have heard many stories from people who are very proud to have stolen a street sign.
Bored To Steal
It's a fact, there's less to do now then ever before. If only people were contributing entertainment in some easily accessible medium for free. Until my dream becomes a reality, we're just gonna have to deal with the consequences, crime.
Two dudes down in Florida (assumed the most bori…
The Most Expensive Wallet In The World
London men's luxury brand Dunhill has introduced their newest item- a virtually indestructible (Indestructible!) wallet. The new biometric wallet has a Bluetooth proximity alarm, carbon fiber shell and a fingerprint sensor for ultimate security. Sound awesome? All you need to get this…

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