Steelers Cut Hines Ward – Goodbye and Thank You.
I am a diehard Steelers fan. Yes, one of those fans that talks football every day of the year. I even follow the reports coming out of the combine (although I don't watch it- I mean, c'mon. Dudes running 40 yard dashes is almost as boring as watching dudes play poker). I can recall every draft th…
NFL Playoffs A Great Time of Year
It is a great time of year if your NFL team has made the postseason. Giants fans are happy. Jets, Bills, and Cowboy fans not so much. The NFL Wild Card Playoffs begin later today and you bet I'll be glued to the flat screen.
NFL Puts Coal in James Harrison’s Stocking
As a Pittsburgh Steeler fan I've seen linebacker James Harrison make some incredible plays and some painful hits. The NFL has seen a few too. A few too many. Harrison was suspended for the Monday night game against the 49ers for the helmet-to-helmet smack on Browns QB Colt McCoy. I think I k…
Mrozek’s Super Bowl Prediction On NBC Tonight
Yes, I know the Packers will make every attempt to defend their title. Yes, I know the Philadelphia Eagles have already been dubbed as the ‘Dream team’. But I really like what I saw with Jason Garrett as head coach last year.
Packers Prevail–Super Bowl Recap
In a game where momentum seemed to swing like a pendulum, the Green Bay Packers come away with a big win.  Some other big moments also caught Americas attention on "Super Sunday".
Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow
Alright, you know what it is.  Everything I do, I do it big.
It's black and yellow tonight vs. green and yellow.  Of course there was a green and yellow parody made from Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow song; but who's actually going to win it all?  Deh Deh Deh
Guru Picks The Winner for the Big Game
I'm by no means a football guru. When it comes to stats and picking a team, I defer to others with way more knowledge then me. recently I have found someone that has a proven record in picking the winning side. And he's a simple manager at a grocery store. Here's a video of his pick. …
Teams Set For Super Bowl XLV
It was a very exciting championship weekend in the NFL.  Nail biters in both the NFC and AFC but the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are packing their bags for Dallas.
NFL Conference Championships Set
Some big messages were sent this weekend in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.  Now the Steelers, Jets, Bears and Packers move one step closer to the Super Bowl.
NFL Playoffs Round 2 Predictions
This weekend is the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and man are there some great match ups, particularly in the AFC.  Don't knock the NFC just yet, I am willing to bet those games will be exciting in their own way.