superbowl xlv

111 Million Watched Super Bowl XLV
Super Bowl XLV set a record.  An estimated 111 million people watched the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.  That tops the 106.5 million who watched the last years game between New Orleans and Indianapolis.
Feasting On The Superbowl
As a Steelers fan, I was disappointed in the outcome of last night's game. After two championships in the last four years for my favorite team I have come to expect victory but three turnovers turned into 21 points for the Packers, and a tough end to a troubled season for the Black and Gold.
Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow, Black And Yellow
Alright, you know what it is.  Everything I do, I do it big.
It's black and yellow tonight vs. green and yellow.  Of course there was a green and yellow parody made from Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow song; but who's actually going to win it all?  Deh Deh Deh
Crazy Superbowl Bets
The Superbowl is finally here.  Kickoff will be around 6:30pm.  Who won the coin toss? Did they defer or not, whatever decision was made somebody bet on it and won or lost.  Here is a look at some of the crazy things one could bet on for the Superbowl.
Useless Superbowl Knowledge
After two weeks of hype, Superbowl XLV is tomorrow.  Amaze your friends at the gathering you attend with some useless Superbowl knowledge.
Media Day At Superbowl
Today was media day at the Superbowl.  This is the day where we learn the answers to tough questions like, "Troy, how do you keep your hair looking fabulous?" and "Mr. Raji, how many tons of pancakes did you eat this morning?"