Should an Albany Resident Get This Tattoo?
I'm in the middle of something called an "almost mid life crisis." I think it's time that I finally get a tattoo. The thing is, I don't know anything about tattoos. I don't know how much they cost, I don't know how much it hurts and I don't even k…
Tattoo Nightmare
This lady? Yeah, she's probably the worst customer on the planet. And I get it, getting a tat can be painful, but come on man, relax!
Selfie Tattoo
This woman's love for herself is truly skin deep. In the perfect marriage of permanence and vanity, this woman got a tattoo of herself taking a selfie.
30 Worst Rock Tattoos of All Time [Watch]
In the history of Loudwire, one of our most popular features has been the 'Worst Rock Tattoos.' An insane amount of people have visited us to gawk at awful ink jobs and cackle at dozens of unfortunate souls, so we've compiled the 30 Worst Rock Tattoos of All Time into a new video slid…
Mom Gets Three Year Old Son Tattooed [VIDEO + POLL]
Yes a mom got her three year old tattooed - you read that correctly. Ahhhh what is wrong with people, seriously? When my little guy was a toddler I always thought to myself: 'Man, Noah would look really sweet with a Dora The Explorer tat on his arm'. I'm sure as Noah got older he would be like 'Dadd…

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