Hogan Is Out, But Schwarzenegger Is In WWE 2k16 (Video)
Hulk Hogan has been pulled from WWE's latest video game, because of his racist rant, and now the WWE & 2k Sports are compensating by announcing that the Terminator will be in WWE 2k16.
Obviously this is more like perfect timing, I highly doubt that they put this trailer together over the weekend,…
Man vs Machine
Early this morning on the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show there was a heated debate about the possibility of robots evolving to the point of no longer needing humans to exist.
‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’ Might Get a 3D Release
James Cameron has applied his fondness for 3D technology to the world of 'Avatar,' and he even gave his blockbuster 'Titanic' a 3D conversion for a theatrical rerelease. But what about some of his other films -- specifically, the 'Terminator' movies? According to Camero…
‘Terminator 5′ Casts Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese
After months of rumors and auditions from seemingly every up-and-coming actor in Hollywood, the rebooted 'Terminator 5,' officially titled 'Terminator: Genesis,' finally found its Kyle Reese. Australian actor Jai Courtney landed the role, which will see him appearing alongsi…
Robotic Apocalypse Is Happening Sooner Then We Thought
Terminator, the epic sci-fi movie series, depicts the Robotic Apocalypse known as "Judgement Day" where the machines rise up and overthrow the human race to start a war of man vs. it's creation. Though just a movie, it does raise some concerns of "what if" an…
Monte’s Top Five Movie Villains [VIDEO]
Today, I watched G.I. Joe on the tube and found it hard to buy Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bad guy.  I mean, c'mon - guy was in Angels in the Outfield.   So, I thought - who are the best movie villains of all-time?

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