Things not to do in Texas
My whole life I've heard of the odd things that are legal in Texas, Here is a short list to make you know you shouldn't mess with Texas.
American Sex Laws (NSFW, Language)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they keep playing audio from a Congressman from Florida who says that Texas is the "crazy state." The audio that The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is of the Congressman from Florida attacking some weird T…
Guy Builds Tiny House and It Gets Stolen [Video]
A guy in Texas, Casey Friday, has been building a tiny house for more than two years And it was finally ready to move into.
The home is 228 square feet, cost him $35,000 and was built on the back of a trailer.
Friday and his wife, Jessica, bought a plot of land just north of San Antonio in Spring …
Being Shot By an AK-47 Behind Bullet Proof Glass [VIDEO]
Here is that video you asked for of a dude sitting in a bullet proof armored SUV while some guy with an AK-47 blast away at him. If you’ve ever wanted to see someone sit completely calm as bullets from an assault rifle come within inches of his face, well here is your chance...

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