91,000 Pounds of Turkey Recalled Before Thanksgiving
91,000 pounds of turkey have been recalled, not long before Thanksgiving!
According to News 10 abc, the Jennie-O company is recalling 91,000 pounds of ground turkey, due to concerns for salmonella.  There’s been a big salmonella outbreak across the country, so this latest re…
Get Some Free Cash For Your Thanksgiving Meal
Thanksgiving meals get expensive.
Anyone who has cooked, or shopped, for a Thanksgiving knows.  The food all adds up.  The outcome is delicious, but really add up:

a whole turkey
cranberry jelly
sweet potatoes

And so on and so on...
Give Thanks! Up to 100 Stores Are Closing for Thanksgiving
Retail workers rejoice! Last year, amidst the growing retail madness in recent years, some more stores were actually closing for the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  This year, the number has gone up from 70 stores to about 100! I caught site of a post by News 10 abc about a…
Five Things to Do With Thanksgiving Leftovers
Not sure what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers?  Maybe some family members didn't show up and now you have TOO much food taking over your fridge?  Sick of eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry for every. single. meal.  Thanksgiving excitement worn off and now your fridge…

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