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The Used’s “Vulnerable” Album Review
Breathtaking, awe-inspiring and masterful are just three words that come to mind when describing Vulnerable, the fifth studio album by Orem, Utah-based band The Used. It came out this past Monday and didn't take long to win me over. The Used is my favorite band, and has been since I was 16. No matte…
New Album And Record Label For The Used! [Video]
My favorite band of all time, The Used, have a lot of new stuff going on, including the release of their new, upcoming album Vulnerable, and their transition from record label Warner Bros. to their own label, Dental Records. Find out more by frontman Bert McCracken in the video below!
Jeph Howard Of THE USED Reveals Tour Secrets!
Two weeks ago, I blogged about my most favorite band The Used and how their new album is in the works. Earlier today an interview between Noisecreepand Used bassist Jeph Howard was released. Jeph discusses tour secrets, rituals and other things about members Bert, Dan and Quinn.
New D.R.U.G.S Album Is Awesome [Review]
If The Used, Chiodos and Panic! at The Disco mated and had a musical love child, D.R.U.G.Swould be the miraculous result. With sounds similar to The Used and PATD and vocals similar to Chiodos, the band was destined to be an impressive and musically satisfying piece of art. I highly recommend g…
If you didn't already know, The Used is my most favorite band in the music world. I've been obsessed with them since I was in high school. I've seen them three times so far, have written a 15-page review on them and have their best album name tattooed on my feet. They're completely amazing and inspi…