More Iron Maiden News!
A few days ago I blogged about Iron Maiden releasing another "best of" album that was to cover the past two decades. Now, the band has announced that all proceeds for select merch T-Shirts will be going to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims, restoration and clean-up f…
Japan Nuclear Danger
Workers had to evacuate the Daiichi complex in Fukushima when a fire broke out yesterday and now there are dangerous levels of radiation in the air just 240 miles north of Tokyo.
All That Remains’ Earthquake/Tsunami Experience
Oh my God! My heart sank when I read that one of my top five bands, All That Remains, was in Tokyo when the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. Thankfully they are all OK, but are understandably a little shook up. They're from Massachusetts so they never have to worry about a natural disas…