Another Large Local Taxi Company Shuts Down
In another hit to Capital Region transportation, another big local cab company announced it's closure. The first hit, which happened not long ago, was when Black & White announced suddenly that they were done. Well, now Capitaland Taxi is following suit.  ...
Uber Brings Ridesharing Services to Healthcare
Uber is known for it's ridesharing services.  Need a ride home from Crossgates? Get an Uber.  Need a ride home from the track? Grab an Uber.  Need a ride home from the Pearl Street Pub? Snag an Uber. Well, now Uber is bringing it's services to healthcare, and provided transportation for doctor's appointments...
Uber and Lyft’s Top Capital Region Destinations
Uber and Lyft have only been around in the Capital Region for less than a year, but both companies have released their Top 10 destinations over the recent 6 month period.  As reported by the Times Union, Uber and Lyft have been around since late June in the Capital Region, and have effected the community through not just ride-availability, but also by offering jobs to people in the Capital Region
Bambi Hitches A Ride – Deer Crashes Through Bus Window, Survives [Video]
We've all seen the videos of deer attacking their reflections in the window of a store, home, etc. Never have you seen this though. A bus driver in Johnston, PA picked up a surprise passenger around 6:30pm on Tuesday, a deer. The bus had only one passenger, a female, at the time of the incident when the deer crashed through the windshield of the bus...
Sexy Time Delays Train in Sweden
Delays happen for many reasons when it comes to mass transit. Sex is usually not one of them. A couples "love spot" ended up not being the best place to get it on and were spotted by a train's conductor which forced the train to stop.