Helicopter Bottle Opener [VIDEO]
China has seriously just raised the bar in the bottle opening game. “oh what’s that bro, you opened your beer with your flip flop? That’s cute because my home boy in china here is popping tops with his chopper left and right.
Amazing BMX Trick
I think most of us enjoy watching extreme sports in small doses.  That reason alone is why the X-Games on ESPN are still alive and kicking.  BMX biker "Special" Greg Powell landed the first ever Special Flip, a move he created himself.  What exactly does a special flip involve?  Powell has…
Do You Believe In Magic?
Check out this video from America's Got Talent and tell me you aren't amazed by this magic trick.  Amazing doesn't even describe it.  I have to learn how this is done.
Amazing Snowboard Trick
Norwegian snowboarder Torstein Horgmo impressed the crowds at Winter X-Games 15 from Aspen with an amazing move called the triple cork.  He is the first person to nail the trick in the history of the X-Games.