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5 Great Things About Fall In The Capital Region
The Fall is creeping into the Capital Region.  Face it, August is over and eventually the summer is going to come to an end.  But it doesn’t have to be a total bummer.  There’s lots of great things about the Capital Region in the Fall...
On-Site At Troy on Tap!
It was the 4th annual Troy on Tap Festival, and Q103 was on-site for all of the festivities!  With beautiful weather, Q103's Rock Girl Tatiana and Vinnie hung out at River Street Field in downtown Troy to hang with an amazing crowd from the Capital Region, enjoy the atmosphere, and check o…
Summer isn't over quite yet so we want you to make the most of it and we have got plenty of ideas for you in this weeks Free Advice Friday.
Join Q103 at Troy on Tap this Saturday (Sept. 17) Q103 at the Sage Colleges in Troy.
Craft Beer Heaven!
Now I don't throw the word heaven around lightly (at least with craft beer), but when you have 100+ tasty beers at your disposal, I'd say heaven is the right word!

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