Stupid Qpid: The ‘Official’ Video (VIDEO)
Yesterday was just a teaser, today Q103 has the exclusive official Stupid Qpid video from Friday. This video is so official that a group of officials tried to officiate the video and were penalized because for not being official enough.
Yesterday I posted this blog:
I told the epic story of Stupid Qpi…
Worst Places To Take Your Date (VIDEO)
Valentine's Day is coming fast. You need a battle plan. Because I don't go out much, I don't know where you should take your date, but I do know where you should not.
This first one is for the guys.
Don't take her to Hooters, especially if she already works there...
Happy Valentine’s Day America
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. They are asking the audience to call in if you're balancing more then one Valentine on Valentine's Day on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show. I have never had more then one significant other at the same time on Valentine's Day, b…
Valentine's To Close
Maybe you’ve been to one show here or one hundred, but according to this video looks like you might be done. Is the Albany music hall Valentine’s on New Scotland Ave really going to close? This video kind of spells it out. When you don’t own the land/b…
Foxy Shazam To Play At Valentines
Let us introduce you to the  most electrifying rock band to inhabit the planet for the past seven years and is creating quite a buzz lately with their new single 'I Like It'.  Friday March 30th, be ready for big ole party as Q103 presents 'Foxy Shazam' at Valentines.&nb…
Valentines Day Boycott
Marc Rudov, a male rights activist and self proclaimed relationship expert from California wants males across America to boycott Valentines Day this year.

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