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TSA Pat-Down Of A 10-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)
A hot topic today is this video, of a 10-year-old girl who needed extra screening, because she forgot to remove a Capri Sun juice pouch from her carry-on luggage.
Is this really necessary?
And how awkward is this?
This video is just creepy, and I have seen a lot of creepy things on and off the internet…
2 New Heros (Videos)
Ordinary citizens expressing themselves in super ways, one is excited about a storm, the other witnessed a car accident, both of them are now heroes to me because they are both so awesome.
Dalton Thanksgiving
I felt it was my duty to take about ten minutes and revive the sanctity of thanks giving. Vote on who’s song is more true to the holiday.
Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Woman [FBHW]
Free Beer and Hot Wings came across a gem of a video over the weekend.  A Cleveland bus driver dealt a Mortal Kombat style uppercut to a woman who had apparently been taunting the man while he was driving.  In the video it is unclear as to how the woman was provoking the driver.  The beginning of th…
Viral Video: Yankee Hating Dad Makes Son Cry [VIDEO]
Was this kid crying after this past weekend when the Red Sox took the series from the Yankees?  I guess he knows what he likes and that's that.  What will happen when he gets older?  As the dad says "You're on your own"!  Of course Yankee fans wil…

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