K9 Amber Sniffs Out Cocaine and Handgun During Albany Arrest
How can you not love that happy doggo look on her face?  This highly trained, very good girl was instrumental in helping the New York State Police in a drug and gun bust on Friday that resulted in the confiscation of cocaine and an illegally possesed handgun.  He...
DEC Rescues Cub, Its Head Shackled In Bucket for Weeks
Bear sightings seem to be the norm these days throughout the Capital Region, and while it's always wise to keep a safe distance, our natural curiosity makes it impossible to veer away.   Bears are curious creatures too, and in the hunt for food, they sometimes get themselves into some pretty precarious situations and this happened recently in Greene County. A...
Police: Cohoes Man Stalked, Harrassed Teen in Walmart Parking Lot
Police say a 15-year-old girl was in the parking lot of the Walmart on Hoosick Street when a man started following her while yelling sexually explicit things in her direction.  The underrage girl was uncomfortable and unnerved, and told him multiple times to stop, but he wouldn't relent. ...
Menacing Albany Driver Allegedly Targets Electric Cars
A viral video posted on Twitter recently shows the driver of a black pickup truck "rolling coal" and swerving all over the road creating a volatile and dangerous driving sitiuation for the vehicle behind it.   In the :14 second video clip, the driver of the truck appears to be blocking the car behind it, swerving all over parts of I-90 West in Albany County, emitting large clouds of deis
Voorheesville Man Goes Hog Wild When Wayward Piggy Returns Home
Please allow me first and foremost to bring to your attention that the gentleman who owns this miniature pig who went missing is named Carl Burnham.  Burn-ham!  You can't make this stuff up.  Anyway, I digress.  This isn't a story about swine irony, it's a story about a man who was feeling quite 'sowwy' for himself after his pet pig Hamilton went missing on Thursday morning but thanks to social me
Much Respect: Stuyvesant Firefighters Save Flag Downed By Storm
Firefighters from the Stuyvesant Fire Department were quite busy on Wednesday afternoon surveying damage in their community following the intense storm that ravaged parts of Columbia and Greene County.  Undeterred by the storm, two of the Capital Region's bravest did something quite honorable when they noticed a downed flagpole in the middle of the destruction on a resident's lawn.  Th... Read Mor
Saratoga Police Release Video Following Accusations of Brutality
Surveillance video in downtown Saratoga captured the horrifying moment when a motorcycle smashed into an unsuspecting vehicle in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 24th.  In the :21 second video clip shared by the Saratoga Springs Police Department, it appears as though the man on the motorcycle was speeding through a red-light on Broadway when his bike collided with a truck turning left th
Police Say Adirondack Cabin Was Rigged to Explode When Owners Entered
Imagine trying to get in the front door to your home, car, or in this case a hunting cabin, only to learn that someone had rigged it to explode upon opening.  Something like this would be terrifying at the least, catastrophic - or perhaps even deadly - at the worst.  But that's what happened when the owners of an Adirondack cabin tried get inside.  As a result, one Rotterdam man has been arrested,
FBI: One of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Could be Hiding Out in Adirondacks
Eugene Palmer is one of America's most sought after fugitives.  This alleged cold-blooded killer has been on the run for nearly a decade, disappearing shortly after the murder of his daughter-in-law in 2012.  Palmer, accused of killing Tammy Palmer,  is believed to have fled the scene of the crime never to be heard from or seen again. Now at age 81, he was recently featured on the season premiere

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