Zach Scott

My Wife Wrapped Up the New York Mets Season
Last night the New York Mets were in Boston to take on the Red Sox at Fenway Park. I was flipping between that and the Yankees vs. Rangers game, while following the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Toronto Blue Jays game. This was all in an effort to keep up with the American League Wild Card race and keep a scant eye on the dim playoff hopes of the disastrous baseball franchise that I root for.
New York Mets Circus Continues “Acting” GM Busted for DUI
Well, if the players "booing" the fans with their "thumbs down" ritual this week wasn't enough for you, we have more. If you like drama from the team that occupied first place in the National League East for most of the season only to free fall into third place as much as 8.5 games out as of last Friday, well, hang on. I can't imagine it but it gets crazier. The New York Mets "acting or interim" General Manager Zach Scott was arrested this morning. This is the guy that replaced Jared Porter who was kicked out after about six minutes on job for inappropriate behavior that apparently everyone in baseball knew about except for the Mets.