Celebrity Filled Zombie Movie Filmed in Upstate New York
The movie might be coming out THIS June, but I had no idea it even was in the works.  And even cooler- it was filmed in Upstate New York!
I feel like Upstate New York has been a filming hub for the past year or so, and it just seems like there are more and more tv shows and movies being made aro…
A Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming Out Of Florida!
I repeat! A Zombie Apocalypse is upon us The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show just told us about a "Zombie Cat" A cat that was hit by a car and pronounced dead, then buried, returned to its owners door five days later. Here is the story off of FreeBeerAndHotWing…
Kansas Is Selling Sex Toys To Get Out Of Tax Debt
Something is happening in Kansas, and I hope it's not all related. To start the weirdness off, Kansas is declaring October to be 'Zombie Preparedness Month'. That I can get behind.
So Kansas is in debt (join the club) and so were some of the business in Kansas, like the sex-novelty sho…
Kansas Prepares For Zombie Apocalypse
The more I think about it, I'm a little frightened by the number of my friends who claim to be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Sure, it works out great for me, cause I'll have plenty of place to go if and when it happens, but what about everyone else...
Zombies Invade Saratoga Springs
Ahhhhhhhh! There are going to be Zombies in Saratoga Springs tomorrow! At least they gave us fair warning.
The Zombies will be showing up around 2 p.m. and visiting several shops along Broadway, Caroline and Washington.
The Zombies are there to promote the Double M Western Store Haunted Hay …
Zombie Survival In New York
With last night's Season 4 Finale of The Walking Dead, many are already going through zombie withdrawals. Sadly, we will have to wait until October for the show to return.
Now while the world of The Walking Dead is fictional, just how prepared are we if in fact a zombie apocalypse would occur li…

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