Memorial Day Weekend is of course 3 days of celebration and remembrance of those who serve and protect our great country, as well as the kick off of summer. To help with the "kick off of summer" part, Q103 is celebrating by giving you 3 songs sets throughout the weekend of your favorite artist.

Think about it, 3 songs in a row from Shinedown, Alice in Chains, Godsmack, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and more.

This got me thinking, what else comes in threes that is amazing?

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    The Three Stooges

    One of, if not thee, greatest comedy troops of all time. Their brand of humor has stood the test of time and still makes newer generations laugh with each passing year.

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    Three Sheets To The Wind

    Not technically "three" but still a good time can be had when you reach that point. (drink responsibly this weekend please)

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    Three Meat Sandwich

    Doesn't matter what you like but nothing is better than 3 of your favorite meats on one bun!

    For me - hamburger, bacon, and ham. Try it this weekend.

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    Trilogies (That Don't Suck)

    Sometimes Hollywood feels the need that if a movie series reaches two, they HAVE to put out a third to make a Trilogy. There are some that are fine, like the first set of Star Wars movies, The Naked Gun movies, or even the original Indiana Jones movies (why did they have to make that fourth one I'll never know), and others that are not


    Three Bones In Your Ear

    Since we're giving you three songs in a row throughout the weekend, here's a biology lesson: The human ear has three bones (didn't know that did ya?)

    So crank up the music and use your ears to enjoy your official soundtrack to summer