Really as a whole the entire Capital Region is made up of nothing but small towns, or small cities I should say. But one is in the top 10 across the country.

Saratoga Springs, the 10th best small town in the USA. Its not that hard to imagine how it got there. Saratoga is a major tourist destination every single summer. I would go out on a limb to say it is probably the only reason we get any tourists here, except for concerts.

It ranks high on every category used to make up this list too. Its fairly affordable, economically healthy. It also has good health scores along with pretty good schools and it is overall pretty safe.

The Tri-Cities of Albany, Schenectady and Troy also made the list but ranked nowhere near as well as Saratoga. That is some stiff competition though. To see the full list and all 1,268 cities that were in the study at the link below.