U2 is already one of the biggest bands on the planet and their 'Bigger Bang' tour took in over $550 million.  The '360' tour is on pace to crush those numbers.


U2 will be playing 3 shows in Brazil this weekend and when they do they will surpass the record numbers set by them back between  2005 and 2007 on their 'Bigger Bang' tour.  The '360' tour which has gone the world over is about the become the most successful tour of all time.  That is just another notch on U2's already gigantic belt.

When they play their last show this summer in Canada the number will be over $700 million.  That's just one tour!  People just can't get enough of these guys.  They have been playing crowds of over 85,000 people.   I don't think U2 could get any bigger unless Bono were to actually buy a needy country so he would always have something to take care of.  Hopefully he would run it better than that Spider-Man musical, yikes.

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