If you have ever gotten off the Defreestville exit of I-90 you probably had some questions about the empty parking lot on the corner of Rt. 4 and 43. Here is the answer.

I personally used to get off that exit quite often and knew a lot of people who lived in West Sand Lake that had absolutely no clue what was going on. My first time by it was in 2008 and it just seemed like new construction. That "Oh man, wonder whats going in there" moment. Fast forward 8 years and vacant it sits still. The oddest thing is that it was given the name of The Van Rensselaer Plaza. Also it had curbs, lines for parking and even street lights.

However, now there are plans. Times Union reported that Cap-Com Federal Credit Union would be putting a location here, which isn't bad, but it's not what I personally would like to see. This thing has been vacant since 2007. Its kinda almost like the wait till Christmas as a child (two more days, can't wait!!). Except all we get is a bank. I want a place that either serves me tasty grub or sells me things I need for cheap. If you live in North Greenbush, East Greenbush or West Sand Lake and have them as a bank I would suppose this is a positive but for me who doesn't use them, ehh.

In reality this is a massive space though. There is room for a lot more than a lone bank. So many stores could go in there. I just had White Castle for the first time ever a few weeks back and was amazed. Maybe that could go here? How about Chipotle? I personally do not think we have enough of those. I had even heard a while back Chick-Fil-A was looking an area locally.

What would you like to see put in this location?

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