Everyone is always complaining about school lunches but I can remember that school lunches were not always that bad.

School Dinners Hit By Strike
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I can not say that I am an expert on school lunches but I can claim that I am but I am too honest to do that, so I will admit that most school lunches are terrible but not all of the time.

My school lunch experience comes from the North Colonie School District, where the pizza was always pretty good but they can never seem to get a cheeseburger right, the cheeseburgers at Shaker looked and tasted like someone took an iron to the meat and cheese then plopped a bun on top.

Sometimes I would get two orders of mozzarella sticks, don't judge me.

This one time I had to eat lunch at Shenendehowa because I was attending the Capital District Student Media Arts Film Festival, I thought I was going to be treated to some kind of fancy lunch and instead I had to drink chocolate milk from a bag.

The best school lunch that I can remember is from my Elementary School in the 1980's, Forts Ferry Elementary served the greatest Sausage French Bread Pizza I had ever tasted and if I think back hard enough I can still taste the glory that had filled my mouth, but I can not remember anything I learned, especially grammar and punctuation.