Pamela Marks is a product reviewer, blogger and mother of six. She recently received a package containing seven pounds of marijuana and she did not review it.

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Pamela Marks received a package from Jakk's Pacific. She was expecting a toy and if you watched the video above then you probably know all of this and you're probably asking yourself the same question that I am: how do I get to be a product reviewer?

I would love to play with toys and then write a blog about it. I've been wanting this job since the first time I saw the movie "Big."

I am going to find out how to be a product reviewer and not share the information with you because I want all the products to myself.

Anyway, how does Pamela Marks know that Jakk's Pacific is not going to release their own brand of marijuana? Maybe that sent it to her so that she can review their new product?

I know she is a mother of six, but if that is going to keep her from doing her job then maybe she should not be reviewing products from Jakk's Pacific anymore. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that she should of smoked the marijuana in front of her kids, she has a backyard, ether send the kids out back or go out back yourself, the point is: Do your job Pamela!

She called the cops instead and now she is on the news for not doing her job, now I am going to reach out to Jakk's Pacific and take her job away from her because I don't think it's right that Pamela gets rewarded for not doing her job, I do my job and I don't even get a cheap freaking Santa hat with name written on it in glitter at Christmas Chaos!!! I didn't even get invited, I live right down the street from Upstate Concert Hall now!

In conclusion: Don't be like Pamela, do your job.

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