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Not The Girl

Now I haven’t had a prejudice against people from the south before, but it seems like every stupid news story I read takes place there. This guy was just trying to be nice but I still don’t understand why he got angry after he saved $9.

According to CBS news in Charlotte, a man in South Carolina is being charged with attempted murder after he threw a bowling ball at a woman’s head. The reason he threw the ball? Well simple, she was refusing his jive and smooth mojo of buying her a few Roofie-Coolattas.

I can totally understand why this man got so upset. This woman was hanging out in a bowling alley bar on a Sunday evening (prime spot for hooking up). She most likely was wearing something really skanky like a pair of rented two colored shows and a kitty cat sweater accented with a sexy broach (you tease!). Basically, she was totally asking for it. And who does this chick think she is refusing a kind mans gesture of spending money on her? At least this man had the intelligent to do something to get this girls attention after she played hard to get. Because everyone knows if a girl doesn’t want to sleep with you there is one sure way to convince her…and that is hurling a 12-pound bowling ball at her head. What a modern day Romeo!